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"Who who" ?

"Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know."~~William Saroyan

I am astounded when those I meet in life, bestow upon me a title of "being one that carries wisdom" or that I can impart my wisdom to one. I find it kinda comical actually. Why? The quote above sums it up for me in a nutshell.
I don't look out upon my travels and then say, "Wow I was so smart to get myself out of that in the way I did."
 I look upon my travels and say, "How the hell did I survive that?" or "Well in hindsight, I see now what I should have done." And of course, the ever famous,  "Jodi what the hell were you thinking?" Blah. So...
When I know or hear of someone in similar situation, I open the door to what I perceived I never had... A listening hearing ear. A real one.
I don't impart any wisdom. Or advice. Or what I would do. That is me. I believe it is up to an individual to gain that knowledge for themselves. Kinda like driving somewhere as a passenger. If you are anything like me(God help you) you may engage in banter along the way, no straight focus of where you are headed, just going. Then you get there. Now ask me to tell you how to get there, I would be clueless. Unless I drive and go through the motions and physically have hands on, then it would be no problem. (A lot of go by the red building and there's thingamajiggy on the left and a....)
I believe wisdom is different for everyone. What I have to offer doesn't necessarily translate into my own life either.
I can dish it out, yet I can not take it.
I am pleased when I am complimented, yet the real kudos go to those who came before me and taught me through their eyes, hands and the life they had lived.
I understand their lessons now. What is that quote that Mark Twain did not say, yet gets credit for? " When I was a young boy I could not stand my fathers ignorance. Yet when I was 21 I understood , and was astonished how much he had grown in 7 years"....LOL
Okay, back to the quote "Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know."~~William Saroyan---
I get this on more than one level. As frustrating as it is to sit back and watch someone fail... We see growth. In the field that I work, I have come to learn of Acceptance. NOT TOLERANCE. We really have to look at what our own perception of our own potential is and what we expect from this... What is our vision? What do I expect to happen if I do xyz?
Same goes for those I work with everyday. The simplicity of life grants me so much wisdom. (Having fallen flat on my face so many times, lol) I am NOT a saint for choosing the field I live in daily... Nope. I guess being a seeker to understand, just made this a career that just fits. It is comfy.
I take no accolades for what I do, not mine to have...
My father taught me about failure," You will fail Josephine, if you were to never fail how would you know what success felt like?"
I find this so true.
I have come as far as I have out of pure survival. Along with the attitude of, "No one else is going to do for me"

If one is to find wisdom in those words, so be it. I don't speak them to impart wisdom, I do so, cause it is the truth.
I do because I have to. In the course of doing so, I learn what would have been a better choice and HOPE I remember the next time I am in similar situations.
Now, the part about surrounding yourself with people with like goals, etc?
I have companions from all walks... I think I would find life too dull, and really where they have been has no impact on my today, if that is all they are in my life for... a moment. Too many people, that I observe, make life this neat little package. BORING.
I enjoy living within diversity.
Society just makes these attempts to instill this conformity across the board...sigh, yeah yeah off topic. Mia Culpa.
I guess, as well, I don't want to emulate anyone, in particular. I always just wanted to be, well...
There are attributes that I can admire about other people, and I may attempt to be as good(let it be known I am a competitive chickie, yet that is whole other topic) or like the response they receive, does not mean I will have the same reception. I just do. It is what is comfy. Yep, I have a few mantras I follow... Treat others as I wish to be treated. Kindness goes a long way.
Do the right thing for the right reasons, with NO personal agenda, just do right. I make no judgment on anyone's past. None.
I fell into the trap of emulation....Sucked, to be blunt. Wasn't me, who I wanted to be. That person inside. Then I became fake, a mannequin would have been better company than me.
I look back now and wonder how the hell did I do it. Or Man what a bitch! It comes down to those who stuck by me, accepted me. And I would say I do the same. I am who I am and I will not change anymore, for anyone.
Tolerance, no, that is a word filled with much much bitterness. It should be about acceptance.
I am forever a seeker, and I hope I maintain that for the rest of my life. It is a constant learning curve, between kids, my job and just observation of life itself.... I just hope that I can give that wisdom when needed and not know I did... That is wisdom.
Wisdom is knowledge. Yet it is useless if we do not utilize that knowledge in PRODUCTIVE exercises in life.
Wisdom holds much "power", yet it crosses that line of obscurity thus when it becomes abused.
One character trait(flaw to some), I have a little knowledge about a lot. Jack of all trades, Master of none. lol.
I have this need to learn, not just about my little bubbled world, the grand scheme... People fascinate me, intrigue me...And from them I gain knowledge, hence some wisdom to go along.
Wisdom is that "something" we all carry with us. People impart their wisdom everyday. LOL, take that as you will. It is an abstract sense of one's self and the surrounding blue sphere. Majority of us do not realize we hold this precious commodity. Too busy with our lives, ya know, being successful and all that jazz. Many of us do not understand the wisdom until later in life or when we are put in an event where those words come to life.
I walk around(within my own narration in my head of course) and rattle to myself, "Ohhhh that is what dad meant." or "I am so turning into my mother"...
Wisdom, IMO, is gained through observation. Acceptance.
Yet we need to unclutter the gray matter, release ourselves from complacency.
I am a seeker of this wisdom. Yet I have learned, I need to find the correct questions, before I can find those answers. And then my journey will continue from there.

...As shall you. Don't let someone else tell you otherwise.

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