Monday, March 18, 2013

There needs to be rules!

 OK, who did it? Who left the freaking gate open?
Have people just totally lost their minds? Are we as a people just THAT self absorbed that we have no awareness of others around us? Never mind within inches of us?

Today(Sunday) started off like any other weekend day. Making false statements, such as, "I am sleeping in tomorrow!"  followed with a gumpy, a la Eddie Murphy,  "Damn it!" or "I am not doing anything on Sunday"


I am blessed to have a man in my life who gets up before the roosters, and brews the coffee. So I enjoy the 6am, so much for sleeping in, cup o'joe or twelve, who's counting?
The intent is to plan the day of doing nothingness. I have learned we still must plan the nothingness, as the (whispers:) "other people" will figure out that you have nothingness, and will provide somethingness, err, something.

The art of planning nothingness, within the something, is to make it appear that the nothing is something.

Does your brain hurt yet? my haze of waking up, as I slurped( it keeps the "other people" away) my 10th cup o'joe, I made a decision to venture out.

Yes, I said: Out.  Into the world of  "other peoples, other people." (read it slow)

To become keenly aware that someone "Released the Crackens" (aka all the stupid, arrogant, self absorbed, crazies) from the asylum.

I managed to post on Twitter, yet deleted them, only because, well, I don't know. The 140 characters wasnt worthy of just that...

I think it was the first time many people had ever been to a grocery store.
You know "Your pack of People" when you go to the store? We all have them. It's that group of people you end up following or they follow you as you each leave the produce aisle?
"Your Pack o'people"
I wasn't enamored with my pack yesterday. Not people I want to be associated with quite frankly.
They didn't have a clue, or didn't want to have a clue.
I wanted to inquire if they had ever been to a store before.
There ought to be RULES. WRITTEN Rules. POSTED!!! Throughout the store, on the floor, above the aisle shelves, played in the music.
The first rule of rules!
  • Shopping is a great "social" event, I suppose. Not really, but I am willing to let it slide, as long, you and yours don't hold up the rest of the pack. Move to the side, and don't give people nasty glares when they try to like, ya know, shop. 
  • When you walk in front of someone, who is obviously looking at something, say "excuse me", it's just damn polite.
  • On that note, when someone is looking at something on the other side of the aisle, and has moved to the opposite side of the aisle, don't stand in front of them! "Cause I wasn't looking there or anything." "Yes you lady, on your cell phone bitching about about how you couldnt get a ride last night and he just left you there." Good for him!
  • As in basketball there is a 5 second rule. We shall also have this in shopping. Yet I am willing to extend it to the 20 second rule. Do not leave the carriage, unattended for more than 20 seconds, blocking people.
  • And if you do? By accident, as we all have days, where we may be a bit fuzzy, it happens, and you come back, to a person or "Your pack" glaring at you, a simple, "sorry" goes a long way. 
  • Parents. Parents. Parents. I am one of you. I feel your pain. I do. I understand the stresses of shopping, children, running errands, wanting to pull my hair out, yeah, I get it. I. Get. It. Do your pack and the extended pack a favor. When said child begins with the "I wants" or the tears, a slight foot stomp. Stop right there, and address it. Do not give in. Do not coddle, bribe or lie. Or threaten. Leave. Take your carriage to the courtesy desk, tell them I must leave, give them your name. Then leave. Take the children home, wait for the spouse, return. Or for those who may be single and do not have access to the other parent, phone a friend card should be in use! It works. It does. Its a whole other post, me. I. Get. It!

    I could go on, but I think you get the gist. (or is it jist?)
I don't know, sneak it into the TOS's people are so willing to sign? No, no one reads them. As no one would read these as well. People forget they live amongst others. That we co-habitate, stores, spaces, this world.

Heck if we can make laws about my vagina, we make damn laws about your rudeness...(not you you...its a phrase, badly implemented)

As I was  bagging my own groceries(cause I am not bagging anyone else's), a thought, a snark, a shouldn't open your mouth kind of notion, spewed... Yes. Yes, it did.
The young lad ringing me out, chuckled at my outward candor. As did the lady behind me.
I then asked the young man if he knew, who left the gate open. He smiled.
And I added, I needed to be out of the public(to get back to my nothingness) as I thought, outloud, if there were a day to be a zombie apocalypse, it should be today. The pickin' would be good. Please.

Wait, no. I'd be stuck with my pack o'people.


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