Monday, March 04, 2013

What are you?

I am.

A questioned posed:

"What are you?"

A question answered:

"Excuse me? What I am is factual... a person made up of many different parts. THe what of what I am, exists within a statistic. A subjective view."

A questioned reworded, and posed again:

"Who are you?"

A question answered:

I am an enigma.

I am what I am and I make no excuses.
I am the heart that has no boundaries, that seethes and pulsates
boiling over
on a kettle of ice.

I am what you see and then more.
I am the monster within that seeks to eat you from the inside out. I am the brutal reality of the one I call self.

I am the one who feels every blow
Every slam
And will find no wrong.

I am you and you and yes even you.
I have no segregation, I fit like a chameleon.

I have seen the world through the world's eyes
So what if I chose to see through my own.

I have the compassion and the love
That fills thy cup
And the soul that Satan has attempted
To claim.

I am the one who is sitting in the next room, oblivious to your agenda.
I am the one who
The agenda.

There is no great secret. I have none.
There shall be no query of what
Or who.

I exist to exist.
I live to breath and breath to live.
NO dent on the world and all the markings of impact.

I am.

Who are you?


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posted by Jod{i} at 3/04/2013 07:30:00 AM, |


I am what I am and I make no excuses.

I wish I was at that point in my life. Im still too busy trying to get other people to like / accept me.
Dang it! First to comment always says what I want to say, but W/E. Yahweh means I am who am, regarded by many as the most important philosophical statement ever. Word!
funny I get that question.. because people try to pigeon hole me into a castegory..I guess redneck trucker who writes poetry sometimes isn't a category..or maybe a category of one..who knows..I am just me...
I am MOM... a career I have pursued with a passion and based on my two major clients, have been a fairly popular success.
i am a lot of things, but i still don't quite feel like me just yet.

maybe someday.
I LIKE YOU! Geesh and that is enuff...lololol...I kid, not about the I like you part but the rest.

Very much so...

Ditto Dude! Exactly.

You crack me up! Hey that would look great on a resume???

Will come!(Look how far you have come!)
Great stuff Jodi!
LOL Joeprah! I thought the same thing...that Meleah took what I wanted to say! Though, mine would be more like, "I am what I am, and I sometimes make excuses for it."
Thank you kindly!

:D ...I flux in and out. I am who I am not what...a clear distinction, the what is where, pple find their judgments. and that is what I struggle against.
really like this post, jod(i). wild! thanks for sharing your brain, kathleen :)