Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A light converstion for an early Sunday Morn....

I memory of a conversation with then 7 year old CJ who is now 13. Love being a parent!

List of Characters:
CJ: 7 yr old son
Me: ummm, me
Jeb: The Man, the Other Half(cameo appearance)

I am lost in the world of cleaning joy, hearing bits and pieces of the television playing in the other room.

CJ runs in.

CJ: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes"

CJ: "Who is Ed?"

Me: "Ed?"

CJ:" Yeah Ed."

I pause and briefly run the name Ed through my brain, which is now fried from a various array of cleaning solvents. Thinking to myself, " Hmmm, Ed. Mr. Ed? Or one of the characters from Ed, Edd and Eddy?  Ed that I dated many moons ago" shiver.

Me:"Ummm not sure CJ. Why?"

CJ: "Well, why do men wanna be with Ed?"

Me: "CJ, I don't know. I don't even know who Ed is"

CJ: " And only Sially or Sally can be with them too"

Me: CJ what are you talking about?"

CJ: "I just read it on TV, Sally is for men with Ed"

Me:" Uh huh."

CJ: "It's a commercial"

Me:" A commercial?"

CJ: "You know the one."

Me: "I do?"

CJ: " Yeah. ' Cept I don't know why men or Sally want to hang with this Ed guy. "

and I keep going
Me:"Why is that?"

CJ:" I dont want to be friends with someone who can give you runny nose, make ya poop, nausia(he said it like that) what ever that is, short breathing......"

And then the light bulb went off.

So, being the 'progressive' parent I am. Meaning, I believe in being honest with my children and explaining to them the best of my ability, any information they seek, yet keeping within the boundaries of A. their age and B. Comprehension , lastly C. What they need to know...

I took D.

Me: " I think you should ask your dad."

He looked at me blankly for a moment, "Oh, okay", and darted from the room...
"Dad! Hey Dad! "
From down stairs I hear a distant, "Yeah CJ?"

CJ:" Who is ED?"

And then I chuckle, and continue on with my day....

*For those who didn't get it, He saw a commercial for the Cialis and READ, Cialis(AKA Sially) is for men with ED.

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OMG!!! Thanks for the laugh... so funny
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